welcome to the land of free human beings

I am blooming as a flower
I am fresh as the dew
I am solid as the mountain
I am firm as the earth
I am free
I am water reflecting
What is real, what is true;
And I feel there is space
Inside of me.
I am free, I am free,
I am free
– Thich Nhat Hanh

Yellow Train is a progressive school inspired by the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner. The school is also influenced by the thinking of great Teachers like Shri Aurobindo and Rabindranath Tagore.

Located in an organic farm, on the outskirts of Coimbatore, the school is a growing community of teachers and parents in search of unhurried childhood and holistic education. Amidst green fields, orchards, amla groves, cows, peacocks, and loving teachers children learn and grow joyfully. Our academic program is intensive and creative aiming at excellence. The in-depth and rich IGCSE curriculum is accentuated by the artistic and nourishing element of Waldorf Education.

Free thinking, responsible and skilled young individuals is our promise.

From the Founder’s Desk

Ms. Santhya Vikram

I read this book when I was 12 or may be 14. “Totto Chan” It is a moving tale of one man’s endearing love for children. In his school in Japan,’Tomoe Gakuen’, children study in an abandoned railroad carriage in a magical setting unaware of the imminent war outside. In their later years, these children could shine through the darkness, they were thrown into, strengthened by the love the headmaster had for them and the fond memories of their school.

I grew up wanting to build a school like that. I dreamt of a place for children where they will be loved and nourished and celebrated for who they are, irrespective of anything else. Many years later in my search for an educational philosophy, I met the work of Rudolf Steiner, that resonated deeply with my own convictions.

Yellow Train is a realisation of that dream for a space where children will belong, will create a future for themselves and learn to give to the world. I have immense gratitude to the forces of the universe that has made this a possibility.

Today when you walk into Yellow Train, you will meet the soul of the school, hidden in the laughter of the children, the happy faces of the teachers and the warmth of the shared energy.

I invite you to watch this film that will transport you to ‘our world’ for those few minutes.

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