Night School

Every term the children come together in the evening for ‘Night School’. They spend the evening and night together bonding and playing with each other and the teachers . It gives the children long lasting memories – bonfire, ghost stories, laughter, staying up late, going to bed and waking up with friends , all joyful experiences for life.

Surprise Days/Lazy Days

The children experience a Surprise day every term, no classes, no books and lessons but varied experiences. A day out to the Museum, visit to the Niligiri biosphere, sports and games all day, special food and treats and lots of play.

Happy Teachers Sangha

Teachers of our School come together as a Sangha every morning – practice mindful breathing, reading from various philosophies, singing and sharing, before going into class and receiving the children. This practice helps the teachers to stay anchored and taking the positive group energy into their classrooms for the new day.

Mindfulness Practices

To know oneself i.e. to become aware of one’s thoughts, feelings and emotions is one of the key elements of true education. And to learn to build/nurture relationships, resolve conflicts within and without is of immense value both in childhood and adulthood. Being Mindful is practiced in our school through circle times, reciting Buddhist gathas, learn to communicate oneself, stories etc.


A special space in school to pray, to reflect, to get some time for yourself. The Sanctum provides every child the opportunity to be one with yourself and get a few moments of calm, almost in a meditative way. The ambience is quiet, calm and peaceful.

Golden Silence

A simple practice of a few minutes, what a great difference it can make. At 12 noon everyday a bell goes for Silence, a few minutes of Golden silence to stop what we are doing, follow our breath and take time to be in ourselves.