Bts mafia reaction to you being soft

. Reaction to You Turning Them On. I was wondering if you could do BTS Mafia!au reaction when y/n come back from being kidnapped but she is hurt and they get angry and y/n tries to calm him down? Ily btw Notes: why do i get the feeling i did something like thi—OH, THE JUNGKOOK DRABBLE. Mafia!Yandere BTS REACTION: you’re scared ☾ BTS as Yanderes based on their zodiac natal chart ☽ Yandere!BTS reaction: you’re arguing and you snap ☾ Yandere! BTS reaction to you giving silent treatment ☾ Yandere! BTS reaction of their s/o being innocent/pure ☾ Yandere! BTS reaction to their s/o getting arrested ☾ Yandere! BTS Reaction to you while you give them a blowjob (smut) A/N: Hello peeps, this was a reaction/scenario requested by anonymous. Plus, so much is going on right now, making it hard to update and have time to write. Exo’s reaction to you being kidnapped Aw thank you (: Here you go. Hobi would be 110% down for it. One day, you are contacted by an Unknown Number behind which someone seems to hide who holds a deep-rooted grudge against Jimin –– who is at the mercy of his strange abductor with you being his only hope. bts reaction: making out and dry humping two words before this is read: oh my also another two words: i tried i barely included dry humping…so sorry T-T i live for these hungry-for-you members so i Request: Different anon, but can I request the mafia reaction thing (like you did with EXO) but for Day6 please? Thanks… A/N: I’m back you guys! So excited my exams are over so I can get back to writing! Thank you all for being so patient, much love ^_^ this one’s been sitting in my inbox for a while so I hope you enjoy! Jae: BTS Reaction To Their s/o Roasting Yoongi May I please request a BTS reaction where you their usually quiet girlfriend gets hyper, and roasts yoongi? Thank you 😘 Requested by anon Y’all sorry if I BTS REACTION: You’re on your period but they are horny He played your hair as he said this only causing you to fully relax not even being able to answer him as BTS Reaction #5: Mafia AU (KNJ version) Okaaaaaayyyyy I really like this, and I may develop it more or make a part 2 in the future. Reaction to You Fainting Into Their Arms. Taehyung wouldn’t let his guilt get the best of him though and would fight his hardest to get you back and safe. a/n: you guys seem to LOVE the mafia aus and tbh same. BTS Reaction To You Hitting Them In The Face While Asleep. “I never realized I didn’t show you how beautiful you are enough. BTS When You’re Sick Jin Jin would help you out around the house, he’d cook, clean, and things of that sort. He cut your rambling off by kissing you gently; his soft lips were moving slowly to let out surprised shriek as you already closed your eyes, ready to be kissed. [BTS REACTIONS]: You're being bratty. “No. BTS Reaction to you asking them to help you get dressed. He doesn’t want you feeling like you’re not worthy of his love. ⁛ A/N: this fic is actually from a Fic Title ask game I played a while ago! I hope you enjoy it! blog masterlist (due to tumblr link problem, i will add these at a later date) Keep reading Hoseok asked, licking his lips as he climbed onto the bed, laying on his back and resting his hands behind his head, “babygirl, come over here. Namjoon Mafia!BTS Jealous Reaction Request: Hello! 😄 I was wondering whether it would be possible for you to make a mafia!bts reaction of when their s/o is close to someone else in the mafia and they get 스트레이키즈(Stray Kids)의 대환장파티 열린 MIROH (미로) 라이브! [엉망진창 제작소 : LIVE]_full버전 - Duration: 6:29. BTS (mafia!au) reacting to you being hit on by a creep and getting rid of him. Mafia!BTS reaction to you being hit on at a club or smth. Mafia EXO reacting to you being a spy “ lavenderinfinity165 said to kpopcentralau:Hello, could you please do a Mafia! Exo reaction to finding our their s/o is a spy? Hey! I am so sorry for the wait on BTS mafia reaction: Disrespecting them infront of their gang. “And over here you will see the orangutan exhibit. Hi! We are BTS!! Hoseok asked, licking his lips as he climbed onto the bed, laying on his back and resting his hands behind his head, “babygirl, come over here. BTS is under immense pressure for their upcoming world tour 'Love Yourself. BTS Reactions to their GF finding out they’re a demon (and she’s pretty damn terrified) Per request. Hoseok. “Sounds good! A little extra practice would be good for you!” Taehyungs heart just about stopped when he heard that. Bts Reaction to you falling asleep on a road trip . ” You raised an eyebrow to warn him that he was still being punished and as you crawled across the bed and straddled him, grinding your wet core onto his jeans, he knew there was more coming. ” Originally posted by ksjknj. When you were dragged to the beast’s castle you were expecting to be locked away, not to be greeted by luxury and the mysterious boy who you must sleep with every night - maybe it’s all just part of the curse. 🗣 “Kim Namjoon You had been pouty and distant the whole day because you didn’t get a single kiss from Namjoon. Their reaction to you killing yourself to escape the torture. So Army’s weren’t the only ones who thought he needed improvement. You absolutely love movie nights because you get to spend time with all the members like a family. Tis very naughty so shield your eyes and bathe yourselves in holy BTS Reaction to you having a panic attack. BTS Reaction To You Being On Your First Date. you felt annoyed at the sight of the fancy decores and people out there because you didn’t like being paid by the others especially when it comes to expensive stuff . BTS reaction to receiving one of your nudes ― smut BTS reaction to their dick being the biggest you’ve ever had ― smut BTS & Self-Care ⋆. He was going to make sure this was the first and last time that this happened . BTS Reaction To Their S/O Caught In A Fight. Mafia AU: BTS' reaction to their S/O being the little sister of the rival gang leader and when their brother tries to hurt the member they kill their own brother. You see everyone there with guns, even the girls. Bts Reaction to you hyping up their new album . You are extremely scared by this when someone suddenly points a gun at you and threatens to kill you because they think that you killed their family. . BTS / Mafia AU – They find out their S/O is pregnant “Request: can I request a bts mafia reaction where they find out their wife is pregnant?? (fluff pls) ” WARNING: mentions of violence & strong * Playing games with you * lets you win when you feel bad * teasing you until you give him the cold shoulder * then hugging you to forgive him * eating in fast foods * waking up next to the smile that is the sun of your life * ruffling that soft hair * working out with him * hot neck kisses with his deep tone teasingly calling out your name Genre: Mafia AU, EXO AU, BTS AU. The sweetness you spread around made him want to be a better You make me so incredibly happy, you make me smile every time I’m with you, being your boyfriend would be such an honor. You were his first priority (as always) and he made sure to guide you up into his office right away. if you are uncomfortable with reading these types of things please do not read You had missed the feeling of his lips on yours but you had missed the emotions that came along with it much more. Jimin : Read BTS as Mafia from the story > bts ; reactions and preferences < by waanggg (人 :)) with 450 reads. But little did you know that it is a mafia wedding? When you go there, something scary happens. Him being the mafia leader barely comes home so when you told him just as he  And no one seemed to be disappointed, seeing as the mafia was becoming . You quickly noticed your mistake and your once brave facade falters. Hyung Line ***** Jin: bts reacts: you’re more quiet than usual anon asked: ok ok I KNOW requests are closed, but when they are open can you PLEASEEE do bts reactions to you being really quiet because your minds just -at an awards show-jin: when jin saw you with another man’s arm around you, a feeling of dread filled him, a feeling of not being good enough. Reaction to Your Interactions With Kids BTS reaction to fighting the urge to smother their s/o in kisses and failing “ A/N: *yells because I’m trash* THIS IS TOO SELF INDULGENT I’M YELLING I just wanted to write something that didn’t BTS Yandere! Mafia! AU. I’ve been busy trying to start up new blogs for you guys and doing my summer school and studies. *ೃ ― tips BTS reacting to a particularly attractive fan at a Meet & Greet ― fluff BTS reaction to Y/N living in an abusive household (maknae line) Yandere BTS reaction to you being really innocent or oblivious to the fact that they are yandere. Exo-K Chanyeol: You and Chanyeol were walking to Milky Bee because he promised to buy you a picture perfect ice-cream rose as a token BTS REACTIONS TO THEIR S/O BEING INDEPENDENT -Manknae Line Jimin . I def chose the right side to be on lmao could you imagine being on the bad side of bts? See more BTS Reaction To How They Cuddle You b-tsfanfic-tion: “ Anonymous said to b-tsfanfic-tion: Hi I was wondering if you could do a image like how bts would cuddle their s/o love your blog He talks in a soft yet energetic voice about how many emotions he felt during his performance, how honored he was to have such an incredible experience. Also, i kinda combined these cause i love angst. BTS Reaction To Their S/O Being Upset. Even when you were safe again he’d still feel guilty for being part of what caused you to get hurt. BTS Reaction to you asking them to model naked. BTS Mafia!AU React to You Trying to Get Rid of Your Baby Because You Thought They Wouldn’t Want It Namjoon: when he found the paper work for the abortion he would be shocked. “hey jinnie I’ll never tease you about wanting to shower together, I promise. ' Taehyung is stressed about his own abilities and it takes a turn for the ⁙ summary: you were in an arranged marriage with a man you’re convinced isn’t fit to be your husband. Though, it really never bothered him. Your existence is suppose to be a secret but Suho, who is Namjoon’s number one enemy found out about you and is planning to use you to destroy Namjoon and his gang. BTS Reaction To You Playing The Drums First Time. Anyway you brush it off and I def chose the right side to be on lmao could you imagine being on the bad side of bts? The answer is no because 7 men may not be as much of a threat as you think but we have 7 men and like 1000000000 ARMYs that will trample u. Reactions: Reaction to You Crying After They Surprise You. I’m such a sucker for MAfia!Namjoon like idk I see him as a guy who I’m new to this blog so if they aren’t then just ignore this. “I love you baby” he repeated for the twentieth time . ” you frowned at his words, suddenly Can I please request a BTS mafia au! X female reader reaction where she finds out that BTS are mafia leaders because she walks in on them during mafia business and she’s scared, but instead of running away she stays because they calm her down + she loves them so much and feels safe with them. The feeling of being safe in his arms, even though you know one person walking in would be all it took to have that ripped away. Bts Reaction to you collapsing due to BTS Mafia: Reaction to someone getting too close to his pregnant wife. ” Taehyung. Since it’s a special occasion,Jimin took you to an expensive restaurant . Bts Reaction to you always being cold. - mafia!exo / you raise your voice - mafia!exo / pregnancy - horror movies - mafia!exo / you’re the opposite - making them chocolate - badboy!exo / you’re ‘soft’ - mafia!exo / you react badly to them being in the mafia - they have a nightmare about you - another member accidentally hurts you - mafia!exo / you’re threatened by a rival gang “BTS’ Suga reveals he’s been dating for years, with marriage in the picture. BTS Reaction - You Fall Asleep On Them “Scoot over,” you say to one of the members. Credit to gif owners~ The latest Tweets from 방탄소년단 (@BTS_twt). Last night, you had the chance to witness the more dominant and rough side of your boyfriend. He’d cook you his Mom’ famous recipe for soup with no questions asked. you were pregnant? why `bts reaction to having a yadere!friend who wants to be their lover `bts reaction to being completely smitten and obsessed with you that they would do anything to make you happy `yandere!bts reaction to you rejecting their physical affection because you’re not used to it ~S H O R T ~ S C E N A R I O S~ `yandere!jin` you going out at night I picked the reaction version because it’s quite difficult to come up with a long scenario on this subject. Note: I’ve been having terrible writers block lately, so I’ve been obviously slow at updating. “Who did it?” you asked, watching him wrap a towel around his hips as he stepped out of the shower. You’re not fat or ugly, you’re the perfect girl to me” Ik he shows an aura of not caring much, but he’d be more careful around you defiantly. BTS Reaction To Idol (Y/N) Having Them As Her Bias. Now, there’s only one in there right now, but that’s because his mate just delivered their baby yesterday! Congrats new daddy!” Will defiantly tease you about how cute you were being. Anon Requested: Heya! Can I request bts reacting you y/n being really shy in bed? thank youuuuu I hope this is what you meant by being shy in bed, I honestly didn’t know if you meant in bed in general or like when the guys were intimate in bed. i’ll try to post the second part soon<3) — [ seokjin ] Originally posted by you-made-me-again You have no idea how much it means to me to know that you're enjoying my series! On the rare occasions that I receive messages like this one it completely brightens my mood and puts the biggest smile on my lips! thank you for reading and sending this touching message <3 I hope you're having an amazing month! bts reaction: losing control (requested) warning: this post contains violent acts as well obsessive/ controlling behavior, name calling and hinting of death. #wattpad #fanfiction (Grammar Mistakes and Spelling mistakes are being You ( GF) not wearing a bra at home from the story ✓BTS Reactions/Imagines by  Nov 28, 2017 - [BTS] - Run BTS! 2017 - EP. “ I’m sorry baby girl do you want to repeat that”. BTS Note: Here is the last part for this. SUHO. I will try to post more often! ~~~~~ You knew your husband was into some not-so-legal stuff (leader of the Mafia). As you entered, Namjoon tilted your head up and wiped away Mafia BTS reacting to their child and you being injured “Hey guys, how are you? (: I have another post here for ya and I hope y’all enjoy (: ” Jin: Jin would be absolutely livid. Reaction to You Being Clumsy. it happened when both of you went out for your first date. BTS Reaction To You Being Pregnant And Trying To Run Away (Mafia Au!) OMG 100 FOLOWERS AAAAAAAAA THANK YOU BABIES SO MUCH, I LOVE YOU ALL Jin He would be very upset when his bodyguards tell BTS Reaction #3: Family Emergency (JHS Version) Okay, so I like this, obviously not the issue involved but I feel like this one will ‘read well’. #suga #bts #bts suga #min yoongi #yoongi #bangtan #bangtan boys #bts imagines #bts mafia au #bts mafia #bts gang au #bts gang Sorry I never posted on this blog because schools busy when you’re so involved and mental disorders can be a bitch but I’ll try to start working on requests and if anyone wants to join this blog message me ∙ BTS’ Reaction To You Crying Because You’re Nervous About Getting Shots At The Doctors♡ (Requested) ∙ BTS + Skinship♡ ∙ BTS’ Reaction To You Having A Panic Attack♡ (Requested) ∙ BTS’ Reaction To You Being Best Friends Before Bighit Then Seeing You For The First Time In Years♡ (Requested) BTS reaction when their pregnant gf suddenly feels pain in the middle of their argument. noticing jin’s downcast appearance, you went back over and sat down on his lap. He has a very mom-like personality, so he would have he urge to expose them as if they were teenage boys flirting with his daughter. He’d take you to a beautiful meadow of flowers, he’d pick some for you and smile sweetly. (BTS Yandere Mafia AU) Warning : This has dark themes and explicit mentions of self harm and suicide, as well as rape. Taehyung would feel a mix of emotions. Soft! Yandere Mafia! BTS reaction to their S/O being scared of them for months but then not wanting to leave them Thank you so much @kpopgirlbtssvt for the request. He smirks over at you and takes a picture. You’re holding his hand, and you gradually feel it go from nervous energy to slack exhaustion in your grasp, as Jongin’s words grow fewer. The request: Hi, Can I request a bts Mafia au reaction where you are terrified of  Oct 25, 2018 mafia! bts reaction [ hyung line ] : their s/o founding out about the caring and soft attitude, Seokjin was able to hide his secret from you. Mafia!Yandere BTS REACTION: you’re scared ☾ BTS as Yanderes based on their zodiac natal chart ☽ Yandere!BTS reaction: you’re arguing and you snap ☾ Yandere! BTS reaction to you giving silent treatment ☾ Yandere! BTS reaction of their s/o being innocent/pure ☾ Yandere! BTS reaction to their s/o getting arrested ☾ Yandere! > BBMAs MASTERLIST > SPOOKY MASTERLIST > FAIRYTALE SMUT MASTERLIST BEAUTY AND THE BEAST ( jjk ). btspreferences, yoongi, longchapters. Namjoon has always had a soft spot for you. NAMJOON. Hey, don’t judge– you’re spoiled, okay? BTS reaction: you have a minor surgery Request: Hi, I’m having surgery to have 2 lumps removed; 1 from below my ear and 1 near my colarbone next Friday and am super nervous even though it’s outpatient BTS reaction: you have a minor surgery Request: Hi, I’m having surgery to have 2 lumps removed; 1 from below my ear and 1 near my colarbone next Friday and am super nervous even though it’s outpatient BTS reaction: Accidentally slapping you *Requested* (I decided to add their angry face at the top when they are yelling and the one below of their reaction of them slapping you. anonymous asked: Bts reacting to you the morning after rough sex note: these are soft. he’s got his head too high in the clouds. it was so amazing and definitely one of the Soft Yandere! Mafia! BTS reaction to their S/O checking out another member @lovelylittlelionx Here you go lovely. Bts Reaction to their s/o accidentally kicking them in the knads . FINALLY! I know this has been in my inbox for so long and I started writing this but then I lacked creativity and since then it`s just been stuck in my drafts SDOAM BTS Masterlist. Anon ask: Hi I was wondering if you could do a reaction where they’re arguing with their pregnant gf and in the middle of the argument she feels pain? bts mafia reaction: part 2 you’re pregnant and try to leave them (hyung line) part 1 maknae line part 2 masterlist jin Jin chuckled while he walked up the drive way of your shared home. request: you’re soft n cute. Enjoy! JinJin was asking you a question on something but when you didn’t answer him, Bts Reaction to you being a disobedient sub . Aug 23, 2017 Could I have mafia Au Bts where the rival gang kidnaps and tortures you you have a normal life but the thought of you being with anyone else  #wattpad #fanfiction In which Jeon Jeongguk, a ruthless mafia leader, starts to . “You’re not normal. ⁛ A/N: this fic is actually from a Fic Title ask game I played a while ago! I hope you enjoy it! blog masterlist (due to tumblr link problem, i will add these at a later date) Keep reading BTS Reaction to you clinging to them when they want to get out of bed MasterlistBTS wanting to get out of bed to get something but you want them to stay so you pull on their arms or cuddle them and Vixx Reaction to their secret girlfriend being flirted with by the rest of the cast N: I think he would be the most likely to call out whoever it was that was flirting with you. BTS reaction to you getting You walked away with your son, stealing one more glance at the previous scene. 29 - You can watch videos on V LIVE. <3 Seokjin You were lying in Seokjin’s warm embrace as you two stayed cuddled under the blankets. BTS Reaction to kissing you in the middle of an argument Anon Requested: Can u please make a BTS reaction when u two are always fighting and stuff and then in the middle of another argument he kiss You are going to your best-friend's wedding. literal-ktrash asked:. anonymous asked: Could you do a reaction to someone getting way to close his pregnant wife Sorry I haven’t posted lately…. Thank you :)” a/n: YEssss i love mafia themes they’re so SPIcyy. or. Your husband finds out and comes to take you back. You tried to explain it to your boyfriend, but he was being childish and stubborn. BTS Reaction to you kissing them by accident. Summary: You are the sister of Kim Seokjin who is the right hand man of Kim Namjoon, a mafia leader. You always wanted to help people, make new friends and spread love - the opposite of him. IDk I feel like the pacing(?) isn’t too bad. Vernon / Hansol : Boi has his earbuds in and is ready to drift off into a deep sleep when he feels your arms wrap around him and cuddle into him. Taehyung would be a happy little boy, he’d spend the day with you, away from his phone and take you to sight see. 딩고 뮤직 / dingo music 1,029,844 views BTS reaction: You being shipped with the other member (Idol! au!) BTS reaction to you being cold-hearted (mafia au!) A/N He froze in place as your soft voice hey guys!! sorry for not uploading last week, i actually went to see the boys in concert and literally,,, , wow. But once you find out what really is going on, you can’t handle it and run away. Jin: Seokjin was laying down in the bed, checking his phone while you were sleeping next to him. jin’s shoulders sagged as he sat by himself a few tables over from where you were greeting the group of guys who were also attending the award show. Warning: Violence. Read You Want Their Attention/When They're Busy from the story BTS clearly tensed as he tightened his grip on the pan, but that was the only reaction you got. but soft ones? think less handcuffs and more silk or being made to verbally say his desires in a [ bts reaction ] • their boyfriend being touchy and flirty in front of the others • ( hyung line ) hi, me again;) this is my first time writing a reaction so i hope it’s not too ooc jdndjd (also, i was getting sleepy so i made it short. You moved to the side, getting out of the way of the on-coming tour group. BTS Reaction To You Flinching During An Argument. He scoots over so you can sit next to your boyfriend. BTS Reaction To BTS Reaction to you being shy in bed. Jan 27, 2019 BTS Reaction To: They're Only Soft For You (BadBoy! school only is ever soft for you and everyone who witnesses their softness towards you  Jan 5, 2019 BTS Reaction To: You Trying To Calm Them Down (Maknae Line) Summary: your boyfriend who is a mafia leader is extremely angry and you  Nov 11, 2018 Mafia!Yandere! BTS reaction: you calm him down ☾*Soft hours open* Even as a mafia member Hoseok always seemed to be cheerful,  Jan 15, 2019 The request: Hi, Can I request a bts Mafia au reaction where you are if we're being honest, with the time flowing you had almost forgotten  Can you do a bts mafia reaction to their (s/o) having a strong personality and they Hoseok seemed pretty tough on the outside, he'd have a soft spot for you. He would love the whole process so much he would keep asking you if you want to join him every time he would take a shower. He’d be like an overexcited puppy at the prospect of being close to you. J-Hope / Hoseok : He was showing you a new dance at the Can you do a reaction to bts finding out you have a kink like you enjoy being tied up and slow fucked and being praised like all together Hey, sorry about this but I don’t do reactions anymore. When the main base was under attack, Namjoon did not take it lightly. He’d feel responsible for you getting hurt because of his involvements with the mafia. BTS’ Kinks Masterpost (Based on Astrology) - Maknae Line. 20 minutes had passed and he refused to let you go, accidentally squeezing your bruised body. BTS Reaction To You Calling Them Daddy In Bed [M] BTS Reaction To Their Long Distance S/O Surprising Them With a Visit. ) JINYou and Jin were BTS SCENARIOS/REACTIONS MASTERLIST My name is A(r)my, and although my requests are CLOSED, my inbox is always open if you want to talk After a bout of awkward silence - the silence being broke only by the pair of you chewing at the food - Hoseok sat back, leaning against his bed’s headboard, revealing his abdomen once again to you, not seeming to care, either that or he was purposely searching for a reaction. You were the most precious person that Junmyeon had ever seen. ” You said voice quiet as you looked down at your hands. Will you be able to save Jimin? Your choices will influence the storyline. BTS Reaction to their crush kissing their cheek. ” The magazine lay on the coffee table in the bakery, staring up at Yoongi as he pulled down the black mask, shifting so he was comfortable, one arm resting on the back of the sofa, around your shoulders. I’m almost certain I made a post about it and it’s no longer an option in the “About Me” post. - Admin RaspberryJam. BTS Reaction To You Being A Solider For Your Country. The only problem was everybody got to pick out a movie to watch and you know you won’t make it through. Below you will find everything I have written for BTS. Bts Reaction to catching you (friend) masturbating . BTS Reaction to their drunk girlfriend telling them she has a boyfriend. Maybe it was because he knew you even BTS Reaction To You Being Transgender. Pretty interesting, thank you! I worked here under the assumption that they would behave slightly He should have let you have a normal life but the thought of you being with anyone else killed him . He kisses you before going back to listening to music and drifting off with you cuddling him. BTS Reaction To You Being a Dancer. pairing: bts x Namjoon has always had a soft spot for you. Yandere BTS reaction to Y/N misbehaving (maknae line) Yandere BTS reaction to Y/N misbehaving (hyung line) Yandere BTS reaction to Y/N breaking their tracking device (maknae line) BTS Reaction To You Being Hyuna’s Dancer. Jimin: His face would drop from amusement to serious in one swift motion. Reaction to You Getting Attention from the Other Members. BTS reaction to their S/O being super innocent ~ requested by @sugas-illegirl ~ Seokjin ~ It was late at night and all you did was sit on the couch comfortably, your boyfriends arms wrapped around you Mafia!BTS Reaction: You Know Their Secret (Hyung Line) Maknae Line | Masterlist Anonymous asked: Do you take reaction requests?? If so could u do a bts reaction where theyre in the mafia and try to a/n: another mafia reaction - but this time for BTS :) request: you fall into a coma after they save you. Oct 3, 2018 BTS reaction: you tell them you love themThe request: Can you do a You had said that he was being too clingy, and had then returned to  Jul 14, 2018 BTS (mafia!au) reacting to you being hit on by a creep and getting rid of him. He noticed how you were a bit restless, rolling from side to side in the hope that you will find the right position. Hi! Can I request a BTS reaction to their GF’s neck/upper back being super sensitive? Like whenever someone’s hand is even near their back they squirm out of the way, or whenever someone hugs them and presses their face into their neck they kinda squirm/cringe/giggle? BTS Reacts: You Having Cuts And Burns From The Kitchen “anon: Could I request a BTS reaction to them seeing their GF’s hands and arms covered in little burns, cuts and scars from working in a kitchen? “ Hello Can I get a BTS Mafia reaction where their S/O threatens to divorce them or leave with their children if they don’t change their ways (get out the mafia). BTS Reaction To You Having Twins. bts mafia reaction to you being soft

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