Play is a very important part of the child’s growing up years. What we consider as play is real
and purposeful work for the children.

Outdoor free play

Children play outdoors in the garden and sand pit. This is the time when children actively imitate the teacher engaged in purposeful out door work and also has the opportunity to enjoy nature. The area is set up in such a way that there are enough things to play and also enough opportunity to engage in real work like gardening.

Indoor free play

children use the gifts of nature which we call ‘toys from heaven’ (seeds, feathers, leaves, pine cones etc.) and also other toys like fabric, wooden blocks, bean bags to play. Their imagination and experiences come alive in this play.

Morning Circle

The teacher greets each child and brings them into a circle. The morning circle is the time to meet and greet each other and welcome the new day. It is the time for joyful movement prayers, verses and songs. The child is gently awakened with carefully planned movements which not only brings in a lot of joy but also facilitate age appropriate physical co-ordination for children.

Fruit time

The children have their fruit at around 10:30 am after thanking mother earth and father sun.


During activity children are exposed to a different activity each day. They cook, paint, wash, clean, attend to the garden, do craft or handiwork etc.

Story Time

The story fairyarrives after the ritual – song, candles and an inward quiet mood is created by drawing the curtains. It is narrated with a lot of joy and magic and children treasure their story time. It is also the time when the children build their listening skills…. joyfully. Stories are drawn from fables, fairy talesand folk-lore resonating with the rhythm of the month and that brings the morning to a close.