Pushing skills before children are biologically ready sets them up to fail.

Early childhood Education is the foundation for all that is to come in the later years in life. Love for learning, confidence in oneself, Language skills, Thinking and Problem solving capabilities, emotional anchoring, connection with people and the world around – All these important habits, skills and attitudes develop in early childhood and it is important that the curriculum is directed towards this. Our kindergarten program comprises of the following.

Seasons and Rhythms
The monthly rhythms are guided by the seasons and what happens in nature. The rhythm sets the theme for the month. For instance during the monsoon rhythm, the morning circle is filled with songs of the rain,the stories have the themes of rain and even the seasonal craft would reflect the same. This allows children to experience the world outside through the lens of the work they do in the kindergarten.
Language Learning
The Kindergarten environment is extremely rich in language in all its myriad forms – songs, stories, verses, poems and plays. There is great emphasis on presenting the language in its beautiful and lyrical form.
Joy of Singing and Movement
Movement plays an extremely vital role in the healthy development of children in their early years. Each day is filled with a lot of singing, movement and gesture plays in the morning circle that children greatly enjoy and benefit from.
Working with the Hand
Children are exposed to various activities that engage their hands in a purposeful way. They knead dough, stitch with the matte cloth, model with clay, beeswax, do beading and are provided with many such opportunities to use their hands skilfully.
Imagination and Free play
Children work with wooden blocks, fabric and other material that lend themselves to creative and original free play. This promotes imagination and creativity.
Domestic Work as Pedagogy
Cooking, Baking, washing, cleaning, Gardening and other purposeful domestic work is actively encouraged. It has deep pedagogic significance and builds practical life skills in children.
Artistic Expression
Art is used as a medium of expression. Children not only pursue artistic activities such as Wet on Wet painting, but also are surrounded in an environment where everything is presented in an artistic manner.
Celebrations and Rituals
Festivals have a connection with either our culture or rhythms of nature. Celebrating festivals with an understanding of its significance builds deep roots to one’s culture. Therefore festivals are celebrated with stories and rituals to establish these bonds.

Sequencing, sensory integration, eye-hand coordination tracking, appreciating the beauty of language and other basic skills necessary for the foundation of academic excellence are fostered in the Kindergarten through all the above. In this truly natural, loving and creative environment, the children are given a range of activities and the structure that help them prepare for the next phase of school life.