Unhurried Childhood

The word Kindergarten translates as ‘Child’s Garden’ which implies a place of beauty, growth, joy and unhurried development. At the Yellow Train Kindergarten we celebrate the joy of unhurried childhood.

Protecting The Forces of Childhood

The years of childhood from birth to the change of teeth are critical for the development of a healthy physical body, without which strong intellectual development can not take place. There is no scientific evidence to prove that early intellectual development leads to greater performance in later years. Instead there is great body of research to prove that the more protected they are in the early years from academic pressures and intellectual knowledge the greater their potential and joy for learning in the later years.

Children need to run, jump, skip, roll, climb, twist and turn. Sometimes they just need the time to sit, watch, and dream. Children need a dependable rhythm in the day—a time to eat, a time to work, a time to play and a time to rest. They need the space and the uninterrupted time to engage in self-initiated pretend play. Children flourish when a nurturing adult is there to provide this space and uninterrupted time for play. They are nourished by stories that are told, verses that are recited and songs that are sung. Life habits are instilled when children can help prepare a snack, help put away the toys or learn to tend to a plant.

And this is precisely what happens in our Kindergarten.

The Waldorf Inspiration

Waldorf Education is unparalleled in its ability to preserve and nourish the life forces of childhood.

Our Kindergarten program is inspired by Waldorf Education and the work of Rudolf Steiner. Rudolf Steiner believed that the future of each individual child depends on health giving experiences in the first seven years of life. In the light of this understanding, we believe that an atmosphere of loving warmth and guidance promotes joy, wonder and reverence and supports the healthy development of the child. Our kindergarten at Yellow Train is created on this basic premise.

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