What a school thinks about its library is a measure of what it feels about education – Harold Howe.

Can you inspire your school community to be a part of this beautiful dream?
You can start the Fill the Bogey campaign in your school community.
Print our posters
Hang them on your walls
Spread the word
Appeal to the book lovers and the givers
Teachers, parents and children alike
Dig into legends, epics and fairytales
Or just any book calling out for a journey
Choose a day 
Gather the piles
Seal them in cartons
Sing a song
Spread your love and
Send it to your nearest geographical location.
Our Library serves children of ages 2- 18 and educators.

If you have interest to donate your books, “Write to us @ fillthebogeycampaign@yellowtrainschool.com to share your details”

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