What a school thinks about its library is a measure of what it feels about education – Harold Howe.

You are going to make this happen.
Are you a die hard book lover?
A mum who wants to de clutter your children’s over flowing library
A family moving home
Someone who has inherited books from down generations
Or you simply want to give…
Shut down your computer,
Leave your seat,
Walk to your book shelf, 
Pull out the books that are calling out to you,
Grab a paper,
Pen down your wishes,
Share something that will carry the legacy of your book,
Pack it,
Seal it
And send it to your nearest geographical location. 
Our Library serves children of ages 2- 18 and educators.

If you have interest to donate your books, “Write to us @ fillthebogeycampaign@yellowtrainschool.com to share your details”

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