• The school is affiliated to Edexcel, UK (earlier London Board of Exams) offering IGCSE and International A Levels. Our International Curriculum and Waldorf Methodology integrates the best of both worlds offering a holistic, academically strong, socially and emotionally rounded education for the child.

  • International General Certificate of Secondary Education is a 2 Year program (covering year 9 and 10) – equivalent to Grade 10 in India. After the IGCSE the children have a choice to continue and do the IAL or switch to an Indian Board. The IAL – International A Levels is equivalent to Grade 12 in India. The IGCSE and IAL are offered by CIE and Edexcel with the marks and grading recognised by both Indian and International Universities and employers worldwide. The AIU (Association of Indian Universities) has officially recognized IGCSE and IAL in India and therefore students passing out of this Board will have access to Universities in India and across the globe.

    The main features of the program are Internationally accepted Robust Curriculum , Assessment and Positioning and access to world wide resources and learning aids. It offers a wide range of Subjects under the following categories Languages, Humanities, Science, Maths and Arts. The learning objectives, content and assessments are intensely application oriented and therefore prepare the students for meeting the demands of the real world and work environment.