• 1) What is unique about the Yellow Train School?

    The Yellow Train school has two unique elements – Unique education and a unique learning space.
    • Unique education In this age where commercialism has completely overtaken education, The Yellow Train School is founded on love for children.The education offered is unique because it not only addresses the head – the cognitive learning – but also addresses the heart and the hand.
    • Unique Learning Space The school is set up amidst a farm with abundant blue skies, green trees, farm land, animal friends, cycles and lots and lots of space to experience. And the school building with its classrooms, amphitheater, play areas etc are built to complement the beauty of the larger environment.
  • 2) What makes the Teachers at YT different?

    Yellow Train looks for two essential qualities in their teachers. One – love for children. Two – passion for education. If these two integral qualities are there, all else are worked around. If they are not there, nothing else matters. This element in our recruitment process makes sure that every child at Yellow Train is loved. When it comes to the next important part of education we have an on-going continuous learning program for the teachers, all year long.
  • 3) What is the Board that you follow?

    The school is affiliated to the IGCSE from Ed-excel (London Board of Exams). However, during the primary years Grade 1-5 the school follows a holistic program of Waldorf pedagogy. From Grade 6, children prepare to appear for the IGCSE.
  • 4) What is the benefit of the IGCSE Board?

    In the primary year’s program, the Board does not prescribe the books, the assessment methods etc. The school has the freedom to enrich the curriculum with all possibilities and provide the children with the best.
  • 5) What does it mean when you say you are a Waldorf school?

    The school is inspired by Rudolf Steiner and his work. Our understanding of child development rests on Waldorf Education and Steiner’s work. As teachers our scope of work is in two areas. One in understanding the nature of the child and from that understanding emerges the real work with the child. Two in delivering the curriculum that addresses the head, hand and the heart. You will find more on this in the curriculum section.
  • 6) How far is the Grade Campus from Coimbatore city? Will you have transportation?

    The school is located 16 kms from Lakshmi Mills on Avinashi Road. Yes, we have transportation from major locations. Please Contact the school for more details.
  • 7) What is the school policy of uniforms?

    Children will wear uniforms five days a week but will have a variety of colors to choose from.
  • 8) What is the policy of Food?

    Children will have breakfast and lunch at school which comprises of healthy vegetarian food.