What a school thinks about its library is a measure of what it feels about education – Harold Howe.

“There’s a new railroad car coming tonight’, Said Miyo Chan. That night children camped in the school grounds awaiting the arrival. A great big railroad car was just visible in the morning haze. It was like a dream – a train coming along the road without tracks making no sound.

This train which had carried so many people, had its wheels removed. Its traveling life was over. From now on it would carry the sound of children’s laughter. “ Excerpts from Totto Chan

Yellow Train is a school founded on love for children inspired by the endearing tale of Totto Chan. This is our dream too, to house our library in a bogey and fill it with books and children’s laughter.

We launch our ‘Fill the Bogey Campaign’ to collect books from all corners of the world, to make this ‘library in a train’ even more magical than what it already is.

There is something about a new book after its journey from the printing press, to the warehouse to the book store to your hands. There is something else about a book that is part of someone’s biography, belonged to someone, treasured by someone and sent with love to be a part of a new dream. It is our wish to fill this train with this spirit of book lovers and their books.

If you have interest to donate your books, “Write to us @ fillthebogeycampaign@yellowtrainschool.com to share your details”