The Yellow Train Story…


Yellow Train began as a 13-year old’s dream of wanting a school founded on love for children inspired by the Japanese tale of Totto Chan. Our Kindergarten celebrates the magic of childhood. Our primary is a creative and vibrant environment rooted in wholesome education. Our middle school is constructed around the needs of the growing adolescent. Our newest dream is The High School. Creating Free thinking and competent young adults with the spirit of I care, I can and I will is our aspiration. We are dreamers and doers.

Our building made of mud blocks with open spaces and light play.

Our festivals with kites, books, clay, wood, theatre, music.

Our curriculum that meets the head, hand and the heart.

Our children as journalists, poets, social workers and farmers.

Our night school, morning hugs, marathons, DEAR time, tree of joy.

Our sangha, silence bell, our library in a bogie. We are innovators.

We believe that happy teachers can change the world. We believe in unhurried childhood. We believe relationship is key to development. We believe in the inner life of the teacher. We believe in excellence. We believe everyone gives their best in an open, collaborative, creative workspace. We believe in the power of a circle. We believe that strengths should be celebrated and struggles should be supported. We believe in knowing and learning about the self. We are believers.

Who makes all this happen?


They are young, dynamic, vibrant and passionate. They are engineers, artists, vets, dentists.

They are empowered. They are compassionate and competent.

They are story tellers. They are readers and researchers.

They are beloved authority. They are seekers and learners.

They make things happen. They are the keepers of the yellow train promise.

They are our teachers. Do you see yourself belonging here?

Current Requirement :


Yellow Train is inviting applications from educators for our Middle and High School.

Work Experience: Minimum of 3 years preferably in the High School.

Philosophy: Exposure to alternate ideologies and pedagogic methods.

Competence: Competence to work with the developmental needs of the adolescent such as behavior management, handling themes of gender and sexuality etc.

Subject matter Experts: Mathematics and the sciences. Post-graduation along with an ability to bring great love and passion for the subject. Knowledge of IGCSE preferred.

Reading and Research: Ability to think, read, research and innovate are a prerequisite.

Professional Attributes: A strong sense of ethics and professionalism, drive to excel, ability to take initiative, willingness to collaborate and strong and open communication.

Personal Attributes: A striving spirit, reflective mood, aware of the inner life, positive mindset and a lover of young people and their growing up journey.

We are looking for teachers from across disciplines to join us. Both in our Kindergarten and in our Grade Campus. Anyone who is interested can download the Teacher Reflection Form and send it to us

I shall be telling this with a sigh, Somewhere ages and ages hence

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by

And that has made all the difference.

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