M – O – R – E

We have a Sangha at school every morning. For teachers and the children. In the Children’s Sangha we begin the day in a circle with some singing followed by some reading and sharing. When we talked about  what we want during the Literary Festival, one Akka in the school, summed it up with one word – M – O – R – E. More authors, more titles, more genres, from more cultures and so on. So we agreed on More. We decided to use the Sangha time to bring books and stories from every where. Across different themes.


This week it was War and Peace.

We  began the first sangha with The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.

The Friendship between Bruno and Shmuel 9 year old boys on either side of the Camp was very heart rending. How it cruelly came to an end came as a  shock to the children, they became aware of how innocent people are trapped in the enormity of War. They wrote letters to Bruno and Shmuel expressing their feelings bringing  a close to the session.

Here is one letter one of the children wrote after the reading.




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  1. I have seen the movie and have been wanting to read this book. Is this book being read to the higher Grade children or is it just for the Teachers Sangha?

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