Lennon would be Proud

You may say I am a dreamer…

This Friday was Night School. We woke up early next morning and sat together to conclude our Sangha on war and Peace that began early this week. It was my turn. I had originally considered Tolstoy’s War and peace. But I felt the children need another genre, another mood.

And then I thought of IMAGINE. Yes JOHN LENNON’S Imagine. Yes I feel it is like a book. It can be read, It can be studied and of course it can be sung. We read it for the children. We talked about Lennon. And then learnt the song.

After our conversation we asked the children if they felt like writing something.

Here is Iniya’s work that morning. Lennon would be proud.


6 thoughts on “Lennon would be Proud”

  1. Kudos iniya ! way to go !! And special credits to YT taking steps to appreciate her through the blog. Gd initiative !!

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